Five to watch during the draft

Inspired by a post by NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas, we are going to look at five people in the AFC West who will be interested in how the draft plays out this weekend. Yasinskas’ post centered on people who should be nervous this weekend. My post points out people for various reasons:

Branden Albert: The Kansas City offensive lineman could be on the move. He has played left tackle since being the No. 15 overall pick in 2008. But many NFL observers believe he could play right tackle or guard down the line. If Kansas City picks a left tackle at No. 5, Albert will be on the move, likely to right tackle. He doesn’t have much to be nervous about, but I’m sure Albert is interested to find out where he is going to play.

Josh McDaniels: The Broncos’ second-year coach is under some pressure. He traded Pro Bowl players Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall during the past two Aprils. He has to get a lot in return for them. He received a pick in the first round (No.11) and in the second round (No. 43) for the deals. McDaniels has to score with these picks, or the players he drafts will forever be connected with a bad trade.

Brady Quinn: The Broncos have met with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow twice, including a workout Monday, in the past week. If the Broncos take Tebow, Quinn’s future in Denver would be on shaky ground. Denver would spend much of its time developing Tebow and not Quinn, who was acquired last month from Cleveland. I’m not sure if Denver is going to take a quarterback early, but the team is considering it. Denver may not be totally sold on Quinn.

JaMarcus Russell: The Raiders have been considering adding quarterbacks all offseason. They have been contacted about Ben Roethlisberger and they could make a run at him if they choose. The Raiders have visited with some rookie quarterbacks prior to the draft. Russell has to be interested to see if the Raiders are going to acquire his replacement -– either immediately or in the future -– this weekend.

Darren Sproles: Sproles doesn’t have much to worry about -- although there has been talk for months the Chargers would consider trading him. San Diego is going to draft at least one running back to replace LaDainian Tomlinson as the primary tailback. Sproles has a role as a change-of-pace back. But I’m sure he is anxious to see who, and what type of back, he’ll be teaming with.