AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
Weekend mail call:

Chris from Denver: Bill! Where are the Pro Bowl results for guards and tackles so far - they weren't included in your Nov. 18th blog on where the AFC West stands in Pro Bowl voting...what are the chances Ryan Clady, or possibly even Ryan Harris or Casey Wiegmann might go? Sure would love to hear more talk about Clady being this years Joe Thomas (who many consider to be the best LT in the game right now!) :) Thanks and keep up the great work!

Bill Williamson: Hi, Chris. I only posted the positions where players from the AFC West made the top five in the fan voting. Fan voting is still going on and it counts for a third of the overall voting, along with the players' and coaches' votes. I agree with you that Clady deserves to go. But it may take a year for him to get more recognition. The same goes for Harris.

Quentin: Bill what is the deal with the bronco's CB position? The team traded foxworth becuase they thought highly of J. williams and Karl P. and know both of them have been past up on the depth chart by and undrafted player in josh bell. Also what does this mean fo the furture of Dre bly?

BW: Williams and Paymah have been inconsistent. Undrafted rookie Josh Bell has taken over their playing time. If Champ Bailey can't play Sunday against the Raiders, Bell will likely make his second-straight start. It's pretty surprising that this happened but the team likes Bell. Williams still could get a chance this season.

Elliot from coran ny: bill thanks for taking my question carl peterson has been at the helm 20 years and herm edwards now finishing his 3 year in kc i'm concerned that the loyalty factor has run its course in kc instead of tangible results will clark hunt be forced to make changes at seasons end or risk further fan base errosion, i don't think edwards is the answer what say you sir

BW: The Hunt family is very loyal. But it also wants to win. I think the Chiefs' ownership will make the decision after the season based on business, not loyalty.

Brian from Durango, CO: i was looking at the pro bowl voting. i saw that nowhere was dwayne bowe mentioned. i mean considering the guy has had 5 different qbs throwing his way and how horrible the offense was beginning of the season hes still on track for 1000 yards 90 recepts and maybe 10 tds. of all the other receivers in the front running, they all have pro bowl caliber, pro bowl, or consistent qbs. i think he definately deserves aleast a backup role in the pro bowl. wouldnt you agree?

BW: I like Bowe a lot, too. He will be a Pro Bowl player someday, likely soon. But he needs to establish himself with fans and players and coaches, and the Chiefs need to get better. Then, Bowe will get his just due.

Nathan: Do you think Nnamdi Asomugha is the best CB in the NFL today? Having only been tested 10 times this season (1 per game average) is he that good? or are the rest of the Raiders that bad? Having the misfortune of watching the Raiders several time this year I can not help but fall into a giant man crush with Nnamdi. There is not doubt why the Raider are in disarray after Al Davis gave D. Hall what they gave him and Nnamdi has to work as a franchise play.

BW: Yes, Nnamdi Asomugha is the best cornerback in the NFL, hands down. He is a jewel in a bad situation.