Could Clausen end up in K.C. or Oakland?

Adam Schefter is reporting Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is trying to talk the team’s brass into taking Jimmy Clausen at No. 36.

He better be.

If the Chiefs can finagle Clausen at No. 36, it could a great steal and a no-brainer. There was speculation the Chiefs would take Clausen at No. 5 because he was coached at Notre Dame by Weis. That would have been silly considering how much money the Chiefs have invested in Matt Cassel.

However, in the second round, it would be a great value pick. Clausen could be groomed behind Cassel and if he failed in a couple of years, Clausen would be a get a backup plan.

The problem is, the Chiefs will have wait three long picks to get a chance to grab Clausen. Expect the Rams, who have the No. 33 pick, to get several great offers from teams looking to steal Clausen.

Perhaps Oakland will be one of them? Mel Kiper had the Raiders taking Clausen at No. 8 on his mock draft. The Raiders have the No. 39 pick. Friday, perhaps the Raiders will move up to take him.

Then there’s Texas’ Colt McCoy. He could be there at No. 39 if the Raiders are interested.