AFC West well represented in Hall semifinalist list

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its 25 semifinalists for enshrinement in 2009. The vote will be in February. Six players who spent a significant part of their career in the AFC West are among the 25 finalists.

Here they are:

Terrell Davis, RB: 1995-2001 Denver Broncos.

  • Will he get in? Davis will eventually get in, but it may be a while.

Ray Guy, P: 1973-1986 Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders.

  • Will he get in? Guy is the center of much contention. Many believe he shouldn't even be a finalist and many think he should already be in the Hall.

Lester Hayes, CB: 1977-1986 Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders

  • Will he get in? He was a game changer and you can make a strong argument for him.

Derrick Thomas, LB: 1989-1999 Kansas City Chiefs

  • Will he get in? It says here he gets in either in 2009 or 2010.

Ken Stabler, QB: 1970-79 Oakland Raiders; 1980-1981 Houston Oilers; 1982-1984 New Orleans Saints.

  • Will he get in? Many can't believe Stabler isn't in yet but it still may be a while.

Shannon Sharpe, TE: 1990-99, 2002-03 Denver Broncos,; 2000-01 Baltimore Ravens

  • Will he get in? He should waltz in on his first ballot.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Denver is on the verge of signing former San Diego fullback Andrew Pinnock. He was set to be San Diego's starting fullback this year but he had a knee injury and was beaten out by rookie Mike Tolbert.