Around the AFC West: Robertson settles in

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


Dewayne Robertson is starting to feel comfortable.

My take: He better be. He is entering his 12th game with Denver. The Broncos traded for him from the Jets, whom the Broncos play this week, to be a dominant force in the middle. He's been just OK. Robertson needs to turn it up in the final five games of the season to make the trade worth Denver's while.

Kansas City

Herman Edwards is still happy with the Jared Allen trade.

My take: What else is he supposed to say? And it's probably true. The Chiefs got three draft choices for Allen and were able to do some maneuvering. Plus, Allen wasn't interested in staying in Kansas City for the long term. It was a trade that Kansas City needed to make even if the team misses his pass-rush presence.


Tom Cable has a thankless job as an interim coach.

My take: Perhaps, but Cable has a chance to become Oakland's permanent coach and there's nothing thankless about that opportunity. The Raiders' upset win at Denver was a big deal. If Cable can pull off a few more upsets he could stay in Oakland in 2009.

San Diego

Michael Turner is coming back to town.

My take: Turner is tearing it up in Atlanta and LaDainian Tomlinson is having an off season by his standards. But there's really nothing the Chargers could do about it. Turner was a terrific backup in San Diego, and he deserved the chance to be a starter.