You pick it responses

We had an extremely close race in this week’s AFC West “you pick it” feature.

Denver’s selection of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in the first round (after it gave up three draft picks to Baltimore to get him) barely beat out Oakland’s trade for Washington quarterback Jason Campbell. Campbell will likely be Oakland’s new starting quarterback. The other candidate was San Diego trading up to draft Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews to take over for the released LaDainian Tomlinson.

It was a great week for news in the division and all the stories were worthy. The following are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Ian John from Pueblo, Colo.: Gotta be Denver and Tebow. Josh McDaniels hung his future on this draft pick. I don't see anyone saying that if Campbell fails then Cable will be gone or that Norv Turner needs to look for work if Matthews doesn't pan out. Any time a single draft pick instantly polarizes the entire league, journalists, fans, and anyone else in and around the sport it has to be a top story.

Troy from Escondido, Calif.: I think it's got to go to the Chargers for trading up to land the most complete back in the draft. The Tebow pick runs a close second for it's futility but after months of everyone with a podium to speak from expounding on the depth of the RB class and saying that the Chargers were going to draft Cody in the late first, this had to be a shocker for most. Personally, I never saw the depth in this RB class and felt the Bolts would do whatever it took to get Matthews from day 1, especially after he showed long speed in the 40 times he put up. It's not everyday a HOF'er gets replaced but Matthews is stepping into some big shoes... thankfully, I think he's got the skills to fill 'em out very well and, with LT crying to any reporter who'll listen like a heartbroken ex-girlfriend, Charger fans will come to appreciate the hardworking kid from Fresno State sooner rather than later.

Scott from Fort Walton Beach, Fla.: definitely think the Raiders getting Jason Campbell for next to nothing is the story of the week. Al Davis revived himself enough to show off the superb management skills that made the Raiders a power before, and just in case you didn't know this, the Raiders always have more success with cast off veteran quarterbacks. Just think about Gannon and Stabler.. Finally we can have a chance to JUST WIN BABY again... I'm ready to put these losing ways behind us and actually look forward to a December again.. GO RAIDERS!!!!

Ryan Santee from Plainville, CT.: Bill, the storyline of the week has got to be Jason Campbell getting traded to the Raiders. Tebow? He's a question mark. Matthews? He's a question mark. Campbell is a proven commodity that can instantly provide Oakland with signal caller that connects on more than 48% of his throws. In fact, he complete 64% of his passes last season. That mark hasn't been reached by a Quarterback since Gannon. He even has a proper Td to Int ratio. These factors, along with having a great work ethic will make this transaction the most important one for this franchise in a decade.

Pat from West Des Moines: The Tebow story has to be the biggest one out there. As everyone is saying, this will make or break McDaniels coaching career with Denver. If they start off they way they did last year then there won't be any pressure at all on bringing Tebow into games to e their saviour. If they start losing game then they could have to throw him to the wolves 6 or 7 games in and he could flop big time, which could kill McDaniels short tenure in Denver. there is also a huge fan perspective for this too because he traded away Cutler and Marshal already for two replacements viewed as project players. If the fans want Tebow out there from day one it could end up polarizing the locker room into pro-tebow and anti-tebow camps and destroy what team chemistry there is. Tebow could possibly destroy this franchise and none of it is even his fault.

Ryan Gillispie from Nashville: Its got to be Tebow. The Broncos get their franchise QB for the first time since drafting Jay Cutler. The Raiders have brought in stop gap measures for years. This time the Broncos reign surpreme! Go Bronco Nation!!!!

Nick from Reno: Albeit Tebow has been a story in himself the past few months, I think the nod goes to Oakland. After 7 long years Raider fans have something to look forward to. They haven't had a QB throw for over 3000 yards and 20 TD's since Kerry Kollins in 2005! It's the biggest question mark coming out of the AFC West, will the Raiders get out of their funk, and if they come out of it, how well will they do? There is all sorts of possibilities, something we haven't been able to say for a long time.

Mike M. from Oceanside, Calif.: AFC WEST Story lines:THis is a tough one between Campbell for the Raiders and Tebow for the Broncos. Especially since i'm a Raiders fan.I'm gonna go with the Broncos and Tebow because everyone has known that Jarmarcus has been horrible since being drafted. Denver drafting Tebow is the big news. I don't know why everyone doubts Tebow, he won two championships. With all the bad news and characters the NFL gets why does picking a quality guy with two championships constitute a risk. He's a champion and a quality person, seems like a solid pick to me. I hope Rolando drills him if they both play in the same game this year.

Lee from Phoenix: Tebow is clearly the story of the AFC West.He will be great in Denver. I wouldn't be surprised if he took over as the starter this year.The Broncos might have given up more than they needed to in order to get him but they obviously believe in him enough that they felt it was necessary to not take any chances. They seemingly had Thomas as their top priority and Tebow was a close second.The Broncos did a great job of addressing their needs in the draft and getting Tebow is the icing on the cake. Once he gets his mechanics down, he will be awesome and the Broncos will be contenders.

Kelland from San Diego: I think the biggest story is the Chargers replacing LT. What makes the story so interesting is that LT was replaced by Matthews, a guy that molded himself after LT. Matthews wore #21 at Fresno in honor of LT and now he is our new LT. I for one am excited.

Fred Barnes from Orange County, Calif.: The premier NFL quarterback developer, Josh McDaniels, rolled double or nothing on Tebow. That is clearly the top story of 2010 draft. Both will rise or fall together.

Chris from Milwaukee: Jason Campell to the raiders is the pick. Oakland got a steal with giving the redskins a 4th rounder in 2012. He will make an immediate impact on the raiders offensive in 2010, espicially if the running game finds a nice consistency. Way more of an impact than tebow or matthews will have in the upcoming season. I am a huge raiders fan and always have been and the team and fan base have had some rough seasons in the past, but with Campell, new OC Hue Jackson and an A+ draft they could be a very very scary team. Look out AFC West, the Raiders are about to climb back to the top of the division.

Joshua Crook from Milwaukee: I think the key storyline has to be Oakland landing Jason Campbell for such a low price. Not only does Oakland have a legitimate chance of winning the AFC West now, but this also spells the end of the JaMarcus Russell mistake.

Rob from Houston: The Chargers drafting Ryan Matthews is a feel good story that just might work. He grew up in difficult circumstances, raised by a devoted mother, a Charger fan, and an admirer of LT to the point of wearing his number (21) in college. With all of that, he appears to be an excellent between the tackles runner that the Chargers need to pair with Sproles in the backfield. If he lives up to his potential, the Chargers just might be in the Superbowl in the near future.

Richard from Los Angeles: I think Tebow is the big story. With that pick the Denver Broncos are on the national map again. Dare I say, not since the Elway super bowl years has there been more excitement, enthusiasm and hope for this franchise. Tebow jerseys are selling like crazy breaking all records. Will Tebow work out? Only time will tell. Meanwhile it sure is a fun ride.