Midday AFC West news and notes

A Denver television station is reporting the Jaguars have interest in Denver backup quarterback Brady Quinn. The station also reports the Broncos have no interest in dealing Quinn.

Quinn is in a strange spot. Denver traded for him from Cleveland in March. He was brought into be the backup for Kyle Orton in 2010 with a chance to be the starter down the road.

However, Denver traded three picks to draft Florida’s Tim Tebow at No.25 late last month. Thus, Quinn’s future in Denver is muddled. Still, this report indicates the Broncos aren’t ready to dispatch him quite yet. Denver might as well see what it has in Quinn and decide his fate later.

The Baltimore Sun reported a Ravens official denied the team ever talked about trading tackle Jared Gaither to Oakland for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Good thing for the Raiders. That would have been a terrible trade. Gaither is a nice player. Asomugha is a superstar.

Here’s an interesting look at Jason Campbell’s new challenge in Oakland.

The Football Outsiders take a look at a post-draft hole for each AFC West team.