Where could Russell land?

There is little chance JaMarcus Russell will be claimed off waivers because of his large salary. However, I bet some team gives him another chance at some point.

He is only 24 and he has a great arm. NFL coaches are very arrogant. They think they can make players stars. So, some team will likely give Russell the league minimum salary and another chance.

With the help of my fellow bloggers, here is a list of some teams that could take a look at Russell.

Arizona: The Cardinals aren’t exactly set at quarterback.

Buffalo: The Bills have a need for someone who can help now. That’s not Russell.

Chicago: Bears’ offensive coordinator Mike Martz loves big arms. But the Bears would likely want a more experienced backup.

Cincinnati: The Bengals could use a backup and they aren’t afraid of adding anyone.

Minnesota: If Brett Favre doesn’t come back, there could be a need there.

New Orleans: Maybe Sean Payton and a return to Louisiana could spark his career.

Philadelphia: The Eagles aren’t scared of bringing in quarterbacks.

San Francisco: The 49ers could use another arm, but not sure how this would fly in the Bay Area. Raiders’ fans would love it.

Washington: Mike Shanahan would probably love to stick it to Al Davis and make something out of Russell.