Did Tebow get special pre-draft treatment?

Baltimore star linebacker Ray Lewis has taken issue with the way Florida quarterback Tim Tebow -- whom Denver traded three picks to select at No. 25 -- was given special help to prepare for the draft.

Lewis, while appearing on Colin Cowherd’s show on ESPN radio, said Tebow received pre-draft help few other prospects have enjoyed.

“The thing I was more shocked by, is you see all the people who were willing to help him,” Lewis responded. “I don’t know many people who were willing to help other athletes like that. Jon Gruden loved him to death. You see all these people who took out their personal time to really work with him and make this big issue, big issue, big issue. I don’t know why he was any different than anyone else. Every young child has that dream, that same dream that Tebow had. So I don’t know why he was bigger ... than any of the other guys.

“He went to a big program, and, yes, he might be a favorable person, but nobody else in the league, definitely not veteran players, see themselves differently than any other player.

The Broncos visit Baltimore on Oct.10. Lewis indicated he plans to treat Tebow like any other quarterback.

“The target is always simple,” Lewis said. “You play this game for one reason. You play this game to find people’s weaknesses. If he is going to be a target … basically he plays the quarterback position, so, from my position, the target is just hit him in the mouth and keep rolling.”

Meanwhile, Denver coach Josh McDaniels continued to show his enthusiasm over the chance to coach Tebow. He told the Denver Post, Tebow has “it.”

"I think the thing about Tim is what everybody calls the 'it'. There are those kind of people that have that 'it,'" McDaniels said. "When Tom (Brady) came to us in 2001, I wasn't on the offensive side of the ball, but I can remember the feeling in the building was that he had something that nobody else had ... and how strongly he felt that ultimately he would be a great player. It was obviously apparent in subsequent seasons.”

What do I think about all of this?

I think Tebow is even a more polarizing figure that I had thought he was on the night he was drafted two weeks ago. It is going to be fascinating to see how his NFL career develops. It is clear the NFL world is watching.