Saints won't pursue former Oakland QB

It doesn’t appear JaMarcus Russell will be headed back to Louisiana to resume his NFL career.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said his team is not planning to sign the former LSU star. Russell was cut by Oakland on Thursday. He went unclaimed and he is a now a free agent.

"I don't think (we'd consider signing him) right now, with where we're at," Payton said. "I know he's gonna look for that next opportunity, and our league usually provides that. ... And certainly anytime the first pick of the draft is released after three years, it's newsworthy and that next opportunity for him is going to be important. Outside of that, I really haven't had a chance to study him a lot."

Meanwhile, the Cardinals’ team website doesn’t make it sound like Russell will end up in Arizona, either.

Russell will likely eventually get a chance to be a backup somewhere. It just may take some time.