New spot for Russell?

This is astounding. The National Football Post is reporting that some teams are considering moving quarterback JaMarcus Russell to another position. Wild.

Over the course of the past couple of seasons I’d get notes from frustrated Raiders’ fans who wondered if moving Russell to the offensive line was a good idea. Now, apparently, it is being considered. Unless, of course, some team is thinking about moving Russell to tailback or cornerback.

This must cement Russell as the all-time NFL draft bust. The idea of moving a quarterback (no matter how big he may be) to another position to salvage his career is simply stunning. Oakland chose him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2007.

Meanwhile, the folks of Russell’s hometown are having a difficult time dealing with his recent release from the Raiders.

Here is a good Q & A with San Diego rookie Cam Thomas.

The Chiefs are counting on right tackle Ryan O’Callaghan.

The career of a Denver backup offensive lineman may be over after a golf-cart injury. Add this to Ryan Clady’s basketball injury that could sideline him into the season and it’s been a tough offseason for Denver’s offensive line.

The Broncos are reportedly looking into signing a rugby star.