Tebow should expect a hazy season

Tim Tebow is a quick study.

He knows, as a high-profile rookie, he is basically the personal caddy to his fellow quarterbacks --- Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Tom Brandstater –- in Denver this season.

Orton, who is the starter who will try to hold off Tebow all of this season, said Monday that Tebow was prepared for his new butler-like duties Monday as the first day of OTA’s started in Denver.

“Tim goes about it the right way,” Orton told reporters Monday. ”He offered to grab books for everybody and grab helmets for everybody and all that stuff so he goes about it the right way, he knows the deal.”

Tebow should expect a long season of carrying books and helmets and buying food. As a rookie in 2006, Jay Cutler was seen at local eateries during the lunch-hour rush buying for his fellow Denver quarterbacks.

Orton indicated that Tebow, who was the No. 25 pick last month, will be busy this season.

“Oh, (hazing) hasn’t started yet but it most certainly will,” Orton said. “The higher you get picked, the more hazing there is.”