You pick it responses

The story of Denver Pro Bowl linebacker Elvis Dumervil showing up for OTAs despite not signing his restricted free-agency tender is the story of the week in our “you pick it” feature.

The other candidates were ESPN reporting Oakland has internally discussed signing veteran receiver Terrell Owens and veteran running back Brian Westbrook visiting Denver.

I agree with the readers. The Dumervil story is big. If he is showing up to a voluntary May camp, it means Dumervil will surely show up for training camp in late July. The Broncos and Dumervil are talking about a long-term deal. Dumervil’s gesture of showing up means the talks are being done in good faith. That is significant since Dumervil is a vital part of Denver’s defense.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Christopher Merrill from Tulsa, Okla.: The story about Elvis Dumervil is probably it; the others are just tales so far. But if Dumervil is practicing without signing his tender, something is in the works. I don't think his agent would be comfortable with Dumervil practicing with the amount of money doubtless being discussed if an agreement wasn't close.

Ian Serby from Fort Collins, Colo.: The story has to be Dumervil talking long-term deal. If he signs long-term the Broncos will have a big force on defense for that long term, which is highly important especially given the Denver's inconsistency on D the past decade.

Angelo from Harker Heights, Texas.: I have to say Oakland talking about T.O. is by far the most interesting story. If anything comes of this talk Oakland could be making a very bold move in disrupting a very fragile locker room. That being said, T.O. would be a huge improvement to a very shaky receiving group. I just don't know how this will work out.

Mark P. from Colorado Springs, Colo..: Story of the week has to be T.O. talks in Oakland. Coach Cable denies any conversations about Owens have taken place, but no one really believes half the stuff that comes out of ANY coach's mouth. They've talked about it and the conversations had to have had shades of Randy Moss thrown in. The difference between Moss and T.O. are night and day. Moss isn't a locker room leader. T.O. is. A Moss meltdown involves turning into a slacker. A T.O. meltdown involves confrontation of coaches and players to do their jobs. When T.O. is mad, he wants the ball. When Moss is mad, he's a crybaby. The Raiders need a veteran on offense that cares. T.O. can do the job!

Gabe from Houston: Dumervil participating in OTAs is definitely the story of the week. All coach McDaniels preaches is "team first", if this isn't a case of a stellar individual putting his team's needs before his own, I don't know what is. Pay the man. People who have said that he is a one trick pony, that he's a liability against the run, didn't see how well he does that one trick. An agressive pass rusher who constantly pressures the quarterback can stop an offense on his own, can create turnovers, and can change a game in an instant. Pay Mr. Dumervil and let him do what he does best...harass and hammer Rivers and Cassel, and now Campbell.

Tony Perkins from Springfield, Mo.: Dumervil gets my Nod this week. He is leading by example and working out with his teammates. This is so rare these days that you have to give props to the man and hopefully he gets rewarded. We'll take him in KC if Denver decides to trade away another talented player.