Big Question: What's Orton's future?

Does Kyle Orton have a future in Denver?

There has been a lot said and written about Orton in Denver. The Denver Post has reported that Orton was made available for a trade earlier this offseason, but he is no longer on the market. The team has denied Orton was ever available.

Orton’s future in Denver first became clouded when the Broncos traded for Brady Quinn. Orton’s future in Denver became extremely murky when Denver traded three draft picks to move up and take Tim Tebow in the first round.

Orton is a free agent after this season. I think it is clear Orton will not be in Denver next year. The Broncos want Tebow to play as soon as he is ready. It will be a shock if Tebow is not the opening-day starter in 2011.

There’s little chance Orton will be interested in coming back to Denver as a backup. So, expect this to be his second and final season in Denver. It will behoove Denver to use Orton as the starter while Tebow gets ready this season. But he is clearly a temporary answer as Denver’s quarterback.