Tebow Watch: The dissection continues

It has been 41 days since the Denver Broncos shocked the NFL by trading three drafts pick to draft Tim Tebow at No. 25. It will be nine days before Tebow is unleashed in a full-team minicamp. It is two-and-half months before the former Florida star makes his NFL preseason debut at Cincinnati on Aug. 15.

Still, there’s plenty of Tebow Talk going on. As usual. It’s amazing that this guy creates so much buzz at all times. Tebow is easily one of the most polarizing figures in professional sports and he’s yet to throw a pass.

Sheldon Spencer of ESPN.com has a terrific look at mobile quarterbacks over the years and how Tebow may fit in the mix. Tebow has the endorsement of some of the game’s better running quarterbacks of all time.

Check out what Fran Tarkenton, one of the best scramblers the game has ever seen, has to say about Tebow: "I know that Tim Tebow is not the prototypical quarterback. I wasn't either. Neither was Roger Staubach, even Bob Griese wasn't. I had my own style of play and did OK."

Former NFL mobile quarterback and current Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh is a Tebow believer as well: "The value of a running quarterback, somebody who can pick up four or five first downs a game, is huge," Harbaugh said. "That keeps drives alive and leads to points. That's a huge asset …. [Tebow is] a winner. He's got tremendous athletic instincts. I'm sure the Broncos know what they're looking at it in terms of accuracy, decision-making and timing."

But Tebow wouldn’t be Tebow if he didn’t have his detractors. While Tarkenton and Harbaugh are heaping early June praise on him, Greg Cosell is dousing water on Tebow mania. In an interview with SportsIllustrated.com, Cosell, the creator and executive producer of the "NFL Matchup" show, said he’s not impressed. Like other Tebow detractors, Cosell is worried about his throwing motion and how his game will translate to the NFL.

“On film, there is very little in Tebow's game that projects well at this point to the NFL," Cosell said. "I could never draft a quarterback in the first round who does not show on tape the skill set and physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL.

"Number one, he has questionable and limited arm strength with a slow and ponderous delivery," Cosell said. "Number two, in college he did not throw with timing or anticipation because the offense that he was in did not require it. In the NFL, there are certain throws in certain situations that necessitate that the ball is delivered before his receiver makes his break. He wasn't asked to do that at Florida."

The Tebow saga continues. And it’s only June 2.