You pick it responses

The AFC West story of the week is the Oakland Raiders' grievance against former quarterback JaMarcus Russell. The Raiders are trying to retrieve more than $9 million from Russell, who was cut last month three years after being the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft.

The other candidates were Denver visiting with former Dallas standout left tackle Flozell Adams and Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow being promoted to the third string.

I agree with the readers that the Russell story is the tale of the week. It is another unusual move by an unusual organization. The Tebow story will become bigger later and the Adams’ story is a wait-and-see deal.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Bulldog from Arlington Heights, Ill., : I, personally, think it is a joke that the Raiders are trying to re-coup money from JaMarcus Russell, I mean, here is a team that still owes two previous head coaches money, and now when they give up on a draft bust, they want money back...THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!

Gabriel M. from Kansas City, Kan.,: It has to be the Oakland Raiders trying to get money back from the worst Quarterback of all time. If the Raiders are trying to get money back from JaMacrus Russell that just lets you know that he really was an Epic Failure. Raiders did not try to get money back from Javon Walker. As a Raiders fan,I want my ticket money for the past 3 years! Good luck Al Davis.

Nick from Reno, Nev.,: None of the story lines this week are stand outs. Adams visits Denver is expected with the their injury issues. Tebow moves to #3, also expected for a first rounder to be moving up on his teams depth chart (especially from 4 to 3) I suppose the Raiders seeking money from Russell is the best of the worst. Only because it's surprising, but then again, is anything surprising when it comes to Al Davis? It certainly added some humor to my week.

Jacob Friesenhahn from Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Flozell Adams is the best of the three stories. I was wondering if the Chiefs have a chance in picking up Adams or not? If not I think that they need help at that position, so is there any chance of them getting a Tackle before the start of the season?

Daylon from Wyoming: The Adams and Tebow stuff are neat an all, but the Raiders acutally thinking they can get guaranteed money back? That takes the cake. I guess its turn about fair play as Al has stiffed Shanahan and Kiffin before.

Raider Hater from Kansas City, Kansas: Being a lifelong Chiefs fan, it is fun wathcing the Raiders shoot themselves in the foot. The ultimate draft bust is both Russell and the Raiders fault. Now they are trying to recoup money. This shows how far the franchise has fallen. They have also fired coaches and not paid them. Al Davis can't take responsibility for his decisions which is why the franchise has fallen and it can't get up.