Ranking kickers and punters in AFC West

Our AFC West position-by-position rankings continue with the kicking specialists. This is an awesome group. I think this is the best kicking and punting division in football. Our top five guys could be a serious contender to be ranked No. 1 in any other division. It’s a power group:

1. Shane Lechler, Oakland: He is a special talent. Watching him boom punts is a thing of beauty.

2. Mike Scifres, San Diego: This guy is a superstar, too. Scifres is a placement artist.

3. Dustin Colquitt, Kansas City: It’s too bad he plays in the same division as Lechler and Scifres. Colquitt is a star in his own right.

4. Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland: He is getting better with age. I’m not sure he was worth the record contract Oakland just signed him to, but Janikowski is a weapon.

5. Nate Kaeding, San Diego: It’s a shame Kaeding is most known for his postseason woes. The guy is very good.

6. Matt Prater, Denver: Prater is a kicker to watch. He improved greatly in 2009 and he is terrific on kickoffs.

7. Ryan Succop, Kansas City: Don’t look at his ranking as a negative. He is very good and he should be for the next 10-to-15 years. He showed a great leg as a rookie. Again, this is just a terrific class.