Tebow Watch: Coach sees progress

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow struggled and was somewhat wild at times during organized team activities Friday.

The team has its mandatory, team-wide minicamp next week, so it will be interesting to see how Tebow does in his first full-fledged practices.

Despite his Friday struggles, Denver coach Josh McDaniels, the man who hitched his career to Tebow, believes the rookie is making strong progress.

"He's ahead,” McDaniels said. “I think that's very fair to say that. I also think he's working on some things in his game. A lot of our veteran players that weren't out there in practice, there's things that they have to clean up and work on also, but like I said I think we've got a competitive situation, which I think is great for that group of players. I think we have a lot of competitive situations on our roster right now, and I think that's really making players better. They're making one another better because you can tell that they notice the competition, and they know that there's some people right behind them that are capable players. We've got a long way to go, a lot of practices left between now and the end of August, and we'll see what happens. Certainly that's where it's at right now.

"Tim is progressing, I would say well, in terms of understanding what the offense is asking him to do. There's no issues in terms of what he can do calling the plays in the huddle or communicating with his teammates in terms of what he wants from them. Today was a day where he and Brady (Quinn) obviously got a little bit more action in the huddle and got to do some things that they needed to do over from days prior. Right now, until you understand exactly what's going on on every play, until you have your head and eyes in the right place on every snap as a quarterback, playing in our system or any other system at this level, it's hard to consistently look the right way. I think that's fair to say for every player at any position. He's no different. There's certainly a bunch of good plays and then there's some other ones where we've got to work hard to get him right. That's what we're doing and that's what he's doing."

Asked if he is worried about Tebow’s arm strength and his mechanics (which were major pre-draft dings on Tebow), McDaniels quickly answered with this: "Fine. No issues. None at all in terms of his arm strength, velocity, anything like that. Nothing."

Tebow, who caused waves Friday with a new look, is getting more repetitions now that second-year quarterback Tom Brandstater has been released. Tebow is the No. 3 quarterback behind starter Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.

Yes, the former Florida Gators star is the most talked about third-string player in sports. The fascination is stunning.

ESPN.com’s Page 2 has a colorful look at Tebow’s foray into the trading card world.

The Tebow-memorabilia craze is getting out of control. Thanks to 18to88.com for pointing out this website, hawking products combining Tebow’s college and NFL worlds.

You couldn't make it up.