Reading Raiders headlines

A look at some interesting stories written about the Raiders:

Top pick Rolando McClain said he has no intentions of holding out.

My take: The more I read and hear about this kid, the more I like this pick. McClain seems like an old-school player who lives and breathes the game. I think Oakland really scored here.

Richard Seymour showed his teammates his Super Bowl rings from his New England days last season.

My take: That’s one of the reasons why Seymour was brought to Oakland. He is a winner who Oakland hopes changes the atmosphere. He was unable to do so in his first seasons in Oakland, but having a player like Seymour on the roster doesn’t hurt.

Former Oakland star quarterback Rich Gannon worked with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

My take: Gannon offered to help former Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell, but the Raiders declined his offer because of hard feelings over critical comments Gannon made about the team. It’s too bad Gannon and the team are estranged. He can be a helpful resource. It’s a shame a former Raider great is helping another team’s quarterback get better.