AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Mike from San Jose: Bill, there are rumors that the Raiders may look at Marc Tretsman as the team's new head coach. What do you know about him?

Bill Williamson: Trestman is a longtime assistant coach who has worked in the NFL and college ranks. He is currently the head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes CFL. He was Oakland's offensive coordinator during their Super Bowl run in the 2002 season. I have heard Trestman's name along with Jim Fassel and Dennis Green. Trestman could be hard-pressed to get the job considering the other two potential candidates have NFL head-coaching experience. But I bet he would jump at the job.

Sean from Cedar Rapids: Bill, what will the broncos running back situation look like in the offseason? They have Young, Hall, Pittman, Torain, Bell, Pope, Aldridge at running back and Peyton Hillis who has outperformed them all. I assume Bell and Pope will be cut or put back on the practice squad, but do you think the broncos would be able to trade Hall or Young and get something like a low draft pick for them? I don't see how they can contribute next year with touches between Torain, Hillis, and potentially Pittman. Not to mention Aldridge/any back that Denver drafts.

BW: I think Hillis and Torain will be in the mix. But if you follow the Broncos, you know they will look at a player in the draft, where they picked up both Hillis and Torain this year. The running back situation in Denver is always changing as coach Mike Shanahan is always on the lookout for new talent. But expect both Hillis and Torain to get a crack next year.

Dexter from Rock Springs, WY: Chances of Eddie Royal gettin rookie of the year? I personally think he is a lock but he has not really been brought up for it from what i have seen whats up with that???? And who is Denvers first round pick going to be? Im thinking the safety from USC?

BW: Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan will likely run away with the award. Royal and Denver left tackle Ryan Clady have represented themselves well, but they likely won't catch Ryan in the voting. As for Taylor Mays, yes, Denver could look at him in the draft. The Broncos have long desired a difference-making young safety.

Brad from Norfolk: I am a Raiders fan and have been for a long time, so I have seen better years, even decades for my team. The question(s) I have for you is do you think there might be a change in the Raiders' offense coming up next year? I have noticed when they pass the ball more than they did earlier in the year along with the run they have had a little better offensive production. What are your thoughts on this idea?

BW: There will likely be a new coach, and with a new coach there will be a new offensive scheme. So, yes, expect more change in Oakland. But with that running attack, the Raiders need to run the ball often.

Nalu from Hauula: Okay the seasons just about over. The chiefs trading out Jared Allen roughly translated into the acquisitions of Branden Albert, DeJuan Morgan, and Brad Cottam. At this point the only one who has made any impact is Albert, was the trade worth it? I'm sure Dorsey could have been defensive rookie of the year material if Jared Allen was still attracting double teams, I mean look what he did for Alfonso Boone and Tamba Hali last year, they looked like rockstars.

BW: Right now, the trade is lopsided in Minnesota's favor. The Chiefs have no pass rush and Allen is tearing it up in Minnesota. But the Chiefs had to trade Allen. He wasn't going to sign there. So at least Kansas City got value. Albert is good and the Chiefs really like Morgan and Cottam. Like everything in Kansas City, this trade is going to take time to start paying dividends.