You pick it responses

Denver’s six-year extension with mauling guard Chris Kuper is this week’s AFC West story of the week.

The other candidates were Denver cutting quarterback Tom Brandstater and San Diego signing tight end Randy McMichael.

I agree with the Kuper angle. He is a legitimate, good player and he would have been a hot free agent next year. It’s a big deal for Denver to extend him.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Tom from Oakland: It’s Chris Kuper signing. Any time a team can get a quality player extended in this uncertain time is important.

Mike from Denver: I like the Kuper deal. He’s a beast.

Joe from Colorado Springs: The big story is Kuper extending. It actually means something.

Gabriel M. from Kansas City: I think it’s the Chargers signing a new tight end. They can sign new players but they cant take care of there own core players! Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill are still at home. If two of there best weapons dont play its going to be very hard for the Chargers to win. Raiders might win the division.

Zach from Wash.,: The biggest story is the Kuper extension. This shows that McDaniels is confident that Kuper will be a key component in a dominant young o-line. It is also a positive sign that he plans to keep Kuper and Dumervil for a long time, something that he did not show with the rest of the 2006 Shanahan draft class.

Alan D. from Camp Humphreys, South Korea: While it wasnt much of a surprise I think the biggest storyline has got to be Brandstater. He had no hope once Tebow was drafted, and Quinn was brought in, but he has a bigger arm than all three, a complete understanding of the offense rivaled only by Orton, and he is a big bodied QB (6-5 223). I believe he would have been a lot better then the current three, and I like Tebow and Quinn.

Ian John from Pueblo, Co.: Would probably go with Kuper's as story of the week signing since he is the most notable of the 3 players. The Brandstater cut is interesting, but only notable if he actually does develop like that other QB named Tom Bra...something...who was drafted in the 6th round. McMichael gives a good backup in San Diego. The Kuper deal is notable because it locks up one of the best right guards in football for a long time (6 years with his tender offer), and he signed for what is being considered well below market value. He clearly wanted to stay in Denver and play here for a long time. A guy doesn't do that if he doesn't see a reason to stay, so apparently he sees a bright future in Denver.