Report: Denver gets tough with Dumervil

The Denver Broncos are reportedly taking a hard stance in their negotiations with star linebacker Elvis Dumervil.

The Denver Post is reporting that Denver sent Dumervil a letter informing him that his 2010 salary will be reduced by Tuesday’s deadline is he doesn’t sign his restricted free agency tender. San Diego has sent similar letters to restricted free agents Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill.

The development in Denver is a bit surprising because the situation has been more amicable than in San Diego. Dumervil has worked out with the team and the two sides -- albeit far apart -- are talking about a long-term deal. The Denver Post reported that Dumervil was planning to sign his tender this weekend during Denver’s minicamp.

It will be interesting to see if this letter turns the tone of the two sides’ relationship while they negotiate a new deal. If Dumervil doesn’t show up for the minicamp, we may have our answer.

Still, I think this is a situation that will eventually resolve itself without Dumervil not missing much, if any, playing time.