Why Owens doesn't belong in San Diego

There had been some talk this week that San Diego would pursue free agent Terrell Owens as insurance if star receiver Vincent Jackson holds out.

I didn’t see that as a fit and it seems even less likely now that the Chargers have inked former Buffalo receiver Josh Reed as the insurance policy for Jackson. Reed had 27 catches for Buffalo last season. Owens had 55 catches for the Bills.

It is obvious the Chargers don’t want Owens and I think that's a good idea. Here are some reasons why I think Owens, 36, wouldn’t work in San Diego even if Jackson stayed away for a long time:

He’s not a Chargers-type player: The Chargers are built for success. They have a very strong foundation with professional players. Sure, they have a couple of chippy players (especially on defense) but for the most part this is a serious, focused outfit. General manager A.J. Smith wouldn’t have time for Owens’ antics or for his selfish behavior.

This is Philip Rivers’ team: We all know Owens’ history with quarterbacks. That stuff wouldn’t fly with Rivers -- the unabashed leader of this team. Rivers' teammates like and respect him and they play hard for him. It wouldn’t be taken well by anyone (Rivers included) if Owens started whining after an errant throw. Rivers isn't the type to sit back and let Owens try to dictate the show. It could be an ugly mix.

They don’t need him: Sure, the Chargers will be much better with Owens than without him, but there is other firepower on this offense. There’s star tight end Antonio Gates, there’s running backs Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles, there’s receivers Malcom Floyd and Legedu Naanee. The Chargers aren’t desperate for offense. That’s the only reason why you’d bring in Owens at this point.

So, unless things change drastically, don’t expect him to be wearing a Chargers uniform anytime soon.