Evening notes: Haynesworth to Oakland?

We’ve discussed Albert Haynesworth ending up in the AFC West earlier this offseason. Yet, with him asking for a trade, I’m sure the subject is going to come up again.

The only team in the division he would fit with is Oakland. The other three teams use a 3-4 defense and that’s a chief reason why Haynesworth wants to leave the Redskins.

Oakland uses a 4-3 defense. Still, the Raiders have added several defensive players this season who are good fits in a 3-4 defense, so they may use the alignment some this season.

Still, Al Davis looks at every opportunity and we all know he is willing to take chances. I bet Oakland watches film of Haynesworth because the Raiders will add anyone who they think can help. Still, it may be a tough call for the team, especially since it added defensive tackle John Henderson.

Football Outsiders have an interesting look at salaries in anESPN.com Insider pieceInsider. There are some interesting AFC West angles here.

The Chiefs canceled their last organized team activities session. Next time the Chiefs hit the field will be in training camp. This is not unusual. If coaches feel like they accomplished everything they wanted to in the spring, they often throw their players a bone. That’s what Chiefs coach Todd Haley is doing here.

Like the situation in San Diego with Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson, it looks like Chiefs safety Jarred Page is heading for a big pay cut. Unlike in San Diego, the Chiefs really won’t care if Page stays away. He likely won’t play in Kansas City this season unless there is a major change of heart by both sides.