AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

John from Cleveland wants to know if I think Kansas City rookie safety Eric Berry will make an immediate impact.

Bill Williamson: Yes, I do, John. I really like the pick. The early reports from Kansas City on Berry have been positive. I’m a big believer in how a smart, physical safety can change defenses. Look at what guys like Bob Sanders and Troy Polamalu have done for their clubs. I’m not saying Berry is going to be as good as these two stars, but he has a chance to change this defense. I think we’ll see a positive impact right away.

Raider Bob from San Diego wants to know if I think the Chargers could end up trading Vincent Jackson and, if so, could the wide receiever end up in Oakland.

BW: No, I don’t see San Diego trading Jackson to Oakland. But I could see a scenario where Jackson eventually gets traded. That would likely only happen if he does hold out into the season and Chargers feel like there would be no chance to repair the relationship. If Jackson does stay away and it gets ugly, this could be a viable option for San Diego. The same goes for left tackle Marcus McNeill, who is also expected to holdout. Both players would likely fetch a lot in a deal but I just can’t see the Chargers trading these two impact players to a divisional rival.

John Galloway from Weston, Mo., wants to know why Robert Ayers was benched for the first two days of last week’s mandatory minicamp in Denver.

BW: The truth has not come out. But I do know McDaniels was pretty salty about it when he was asked, so he was clearly peeved. After sitting out Friday and Saturday, Ayers did work some Sunday. McDaniels said Sunday that the situation was resolved. Ayers must have done something to upset his coach but nothing too serious. Ayers has to stay focused and stay out of the doghouse once training camp starts. He has to bounce back from a poor rookie season and he needs all the extra work he can get as he tries to show he was worth being the No. 18 overall pick last year.