Bailey's agent takes the gloves off

Earlier this month, Denver Broncos left cornerback Champ Bailey discussed the fact that he is entering the final year of a seven-year, $63 million deal with the team.

Even though there haven’t been any extension talks, Bailey vowed to play out his contract without complaining. He said he wants to remain in Denver, but he understands that a new deal may take time, especially because of the uncertainty of the CBA. Bailey, who just turned 32, also realizes that Denver has to address the contract status of linebacker Elvis Dumervil first.

While Bailey took the high road, his agent has made it clear that a new deal is desired sooner than later. That’s what agents are for. Bailey will do his job, stay quiet and play. His agent, Jack Reale, will do his job.

This is what Reale had to say about the situation in an interview with the Denver Post:

"Are we disappointed the Broncos have not approached us about a contract extension? Obviously, we are," Reale said. "A player of Champ's caliber deserves to have the option of an extended contract. This is a guy who essentially was a six-time Pro Bowler [if not for an injury in 2008] in his six years there. Anyone with any kind of football knowledge knows his skills have not diminished, as evidenced by the fact he didn't allow one touchdown in 80 passes thrown his way last year, played in 98 percent of the snaps and remains one of the best-tackling cornerbacks in the game.

"We hope the Broncos come to us sooner rather than later about a contract extension before the die is cast in another direction.”

Denver shouldn’t get too excited about Reale’s comments. He’s just sticking up for his client and he is reminding the team that it has to take care of its superstar. Still, Dumervil is more pressing, so the Bailey talks could easily extend past the season. Ultimately, though, I expect Denver to try to keep Bailey, especially if he has another solid season in 2010.

Former Denver receiver Brandon Marshall clearly thinks Denver should pay Bailey. He told the NFL Network he thinks Bailey is the best cornerback in the business.