You pick it responses

We had a runaway winner in the AFC West storyline feature this week.

Readers thought Oakland defensive end Richard Seymour signing his franchise tender (he did so after Oakland ended the off-season program, which he didn’t attend) was the story of the week. The other candidates in a slow week was Denver claiming running back Kolby Smith a day after Kansas City cut him and Kansas City safety Jarrad Page reportedly asking for a trade.

I agree with the readers. The Seymour story was big. He is a big part of Oakland’s plans in 2010 and having him prepared to go to his first training camp with Oakland is significant.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Will from Harrisburg, Pa.: In regards to the biggest AFC West storyline of this week: It has to be Seymour signing his tender. I always assumed he would at some point, but now is better than the week before camp begins. Sure, he wasn't at the OTAs and other club events, but I doubt missing that time will affect him in September. Remember, his arrival in Oakland last year came late, and with alot of questions. I don't feel he played his best last year, but he wasn't horrible like other aquisitions the Raiders made in the recent past; Hall comes to mind. This team may just take the division.

DJ Mbenga from the Golden State: I feel like the story is less about Seymour signing his franchise tag (he was going to do it eventually), and more about him not yet agreeing to a long-term deal with the Raiders. In my opinion, the Raiders have got to lock Seymour up for at least two years, preferably three. He's a proven winner/leader, has an incredible work ethic, and still has enough gas in the tank to make an impact for several more years. The guy constantly commands a double team, which will free up others in the Raiders' improving front 7. Al Davis will eventually get Seymour inked for a few more years at an expensive price. Before or during training camp, it doesn't really matter as long as we lock him up.

Ben from Shawnee, KS.: This biggest story out of the 3 has to be Jarrad Page wanting to be traded. He has little value on the market coming off a season where he finished injured, and the seasons before he has been so inconsistent with his play. He would be considered the most veteran player in the KC secondary, which has been tremendously upgraded with the additions of Berry and Arenas and even Lewis. Now the Chiefs will most likely start 2 rookie safeties, which puts a lot of the shoulders of the young guys.

Coty: Seymour signing is the bigger deal, why? Well are Smith and this other guy even relevent? Seymour is a talented DE and is going to help make Oaklands DLine stout with the addition of John Henderson and soon to be added Haynesworth...ok I am dreaming but if some reports are true and Haynesworth can be had for a 4th or 5th? Man Seymour signing is all that much more important, imgagine Seymour, Haynesworth, Henderson, Kelly on the DL with Houston, and Shaugnessy, Bryant, Groves rotating in? That takes Oaklands biggest weakness a year ago and makes it a strength. Signing Seymour is the first piece to that puzzle.

Tommy from Fresno: It’s the Seymour story. He’s moving on with the season and so are the Raiders. It’s a new day in Oakland.