AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Dillon from Topeka, Kan., wants to know if the Chiefs could acquire Albert Haynesworth.

Bill Williamson: I don’t see it, Dillon. The big reason why Haynesworth wants out of Washington is because the Redskins are moving to a 3-4 defense. That is the very defense that the Chiefs use. Haynesworth is not a good fit for the 3-4 defense. I just don’t see the Chiefs thinking about this deal.

Michael Jacobson from Kinnelon, N.J., wants to know if I think Raiders fans should be excited about this season.

BW: Well Michael, I like two things about Oakland’s offseason -- the decision to replace JaMarcus Russell with Jason Campbell and the drafting of middle linebacker Rolando McClain in the first round. These moves will make Oakland better. I don’t think Campbell is a special quarterback, but he is a legitimate NFL quarterback and he will give Oakland a chance to win. Russell wasn’t a legit quarterback and he rarely gave Oakland a chance to win. McClain has a chance to be special and he will give the defense an identity. He should be an immediate help against the run. All of Oakland’s other moves were just average moves every team makes every offseason. But the changes at quarterback and middle linebacker will improve Oakland. How much? Well, I’m not ready to say Oakland will be a playoff team in 2010, but it will be more competitive than it was last year.

Tony from San Diego wants to know if I think Antoine Cason will be a good replacement for Antonio Cromartie at cornerback for San Diego.

BW: I think it will work out well. But I wasn’t a Cromartie guy. I think he was all flash and he was soft. Cason is a hard worker who wants to be great. He has improved in the two seasons since he was San Diego’s first-round pick. I think you will be a very solid starter, who will make his share of plays. I think, in the end, this will be an upgrade because Cason will be more consistent than Cromartie and he will make fewer mistakes and he will make a better effort.