Around the AFC West

Reacting to AFC West headlines:


Tim Tebow continues to downplay his chances to start as a rookie.

My take: It’s the right tact. Tebow will play soon as long as he makes strides. He knows that. There’s no need to talk about it and upset his fellow Denver quarterbacks or create unneeded pressure on himself.

Kansas City

Here’s a school of thought that says former Chiefs’ defensive end Jared Allen is the most important non-quarterback in the NFL.

My take: That may be a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the statistics provided in this well thought-out piece, it’s pretty staggering how much Kansas City misses Allen. The Chiefs’ defense has been a mess without him. But we all know the Chiefs had to deal him because he was going to leave as a free agent and Kansas City got good value for him, so the Chiefs are able to move on.


There’s not much going on in Oakland early Wednesday. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

San Diego

The Chargers released a statement after it was reported the DEA will look at the team's prescription medicine practices.

My take: This is a serious situation, but the Chargers are doing the right thing by playing by the rules and essentially saying they have nothing to hide.