As expected, Vincent Jackson suspended

This has to be the least impactful three-game suspension in the history of the NFL.

We all knew it was coming (actually, Vincent Jackson's camp was worried that it would be a four-game suspension), and we all knew the Pro Bowl receiver wouldn’t be with the team on opening day, anyway. Now, it’s official.

Jackson is being suspended after two drunken driving charges since joining the Chargers in 2005. He can appeal it. His camp has not decided what to do yet.

Jackson is planning a contract holdout and he is expected to hold out for the first 10 games of the season. Jackson could be traded if the Chargers decide to go that route and if they get adequate trade value, which would be at least a second-round draft pick. Because Jackson’s suspension has been long expected, teams interested in trading for him can’t be shocked by this news. Teams that could make a run at Jackson include Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Denver (although San Diego very likely will not trade him to a division rival) and perhaps New England.

If Jackson is traded before the season and signs a long-term deal with his new team, he will serve the suspension at the beginning of the season. It is still unclear how the suspension would work if he is not traded and he holds out in San Diego. Jackson’s camp has been told that his suspension will run during his holdout.

If the suspension has to be served while Jackson is on the active roster, then it could get interesting. To accrue a league season, a player has to be active for six games. That would mean Jackson would have to report after seven games and then serve the three-game suspension to accrue a season.