Mailbag: Will Chiefs run or pass first?

Weekend mail call:

Will from Lenexa, Kan., wants to know if I think the Chiefs' offense will be a pass-first or a run-first outfit.

Bill Williamson: I think it will be a run-first offense. But you have to be balanced to win in the NFL, so Matt Cassel will get plenty of chances to toss the ball. But the Chiefs brought in Thomas Jones through free agency to help Jamaal Charles because they want to run often. The Chiefs want to dominate games on the ground since great offenses have great run attacks. The run sets up the pass in efficient offenses. That’s what the Chiefs are aiming for.

Husker T from Alturas, Calif., wants to know why former Oakland quarterback Ken Stabler is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

BW: I may be the wrong guy to ask. I too think Stabler should be in the Hall of Fame. He won a Super Bowl. He quarterbacked some elite teams and he was a league MVP. Stabler has in the past been considered and he will be considered for the hall again, but the wait may continue. The thing about the Pro Football Hall of Fame is that there are several players with great credentials, such as Stabler, who are waiting. It is an elite club. I think he has to get in at some point. He was a special player in a special era.

Jerry from Santa Barbara wants to know if I think BYU running back Harvey Unga could end up in the AFC West.

BW: We addressed that earlier this week. I did the post because I think Unga could end up in the division. The supplemental draft is July 15. Unga is a power back, who is known for breaking tackles and for having sure hands. He will likely be a mid-round pick. Kansas City likes him and he could fit in Denver and in Oakland. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Unga ended up in the AFC West. According to a report, the Chiefs were the only team in the division to attend his pro day.