AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Bryan from Sunnyvale, ca: Will Denver have any chance getting into the 2nd round of playoffs?
BW: Sure, the Broncos can hang with any team. But they have to play near perfect. If Denver doesn't turn the ball over, it always has a chance. Quarterback Jay Cutler has to play well for Denver to win any game. Denver, if it wins the AFC West, would likely host Indianapolis in the wild card round. Denver would have difficulty derailing the Colts and it would have to win a shootout. If the Broncos play clean, it is possible they could win that game.

Matt from San Diego: Bill, What exactly does Mike Scifres have to do to make the Pro Bowl? PR's snubbing wasn't so bad... on a team that falls to 4-8, the QB should pay a penalty in Pro Bowl voting: if they were 8-4 instead, he would have made it. But Scifres is one of the great punters in NFL history, and it's just ridiculous that he hasn't been to a Pro Bowl.

BW: Scifres is good and he's the first alternate. But what are the chances of Shane Lechler getting hurt before the Pro Bowl? Lechler has the reputation so he is going to be hard to beat.

Marc from Denver: Hi Bill, the Broncos need help at RB and Shaun Alexander is available. What do the Broncos have to lose if they went out and got him? Why are they staying away from him? Thanks.

BW: It's always a chance because Alexander is about the only veteran presence available at tailback. For right now, Denver seems content with P.J. Pope, Tatum Bell and Selvin Young but if there is another injury or Denver feels the need for a veteran in the playoffs, it could happen.

Chad: Bill..... What do you think of that Shillens kid on the Raiders? I am a huge Raiders fan and that guy seems to make plays for a young player out of a relatively small school in S.D. State I think he could at least be a number 2 in the league. What do you think? Thanks and you have done a great job this whole season.

BW: Chaz Schilens may have a nice future. He is a seventh-round pick and he has gotten some nice experience. He hasn't lit the world on fire, but I think he can be a bright spot down the road.

Kenny from Colo Springs: Bill, do you think the raiders should trade M. Bush for draft picks or for Chad Johnson, i know Bush is a good back, and was a steal for the raiders, but he's not getting enough playing time and i think they should trade him, so he can get some playing time, and maybe with the picks they could get a wr and an ot.

BW: If Oakland decides to go after Johnson, Bush could be a part of the deal. Cincinnati could always use a running back. The Raiders just don't seem interested in using Bush as a tailback and he was nearly traded to San Diego. So, sure, he could be trade bait in the offseason.