Stadiums not cooking in the kitchen

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” investigated stadium food health procedures across the county. There were alarming issues at the three of the four stadiums in the AFC West. Only San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium didn’t have major problems.

The following is a look at the issues for each team in the division:

Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium

Denver Broncos

Vendors with critical violations: 61%

Inspection report excerpt: At three bars, inspectors found fruit flies in bottles of whiskey.

Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs

Vendors with critical violations: 56%

Inspection report excerpt: One location with five critical violations during its last routine inspection had, among other problems, several hot foods not being held at proper temperatures. Inspectors had workers either discard or reheat certain foods, including cooked funnel-cake fries.

McAfee Coliseum

Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics

Vendors with critical violations: 34%

Inspection report excerpt: Several locations lacked adequate hand-washing equipment.

Qualcomm Stadium

San Diego Chargers

Vendors with critical violations: 17%

Inspection report excerpt: Food was not being held at a proper temperature in at least seven locations.