Seymour heads to the inside -- for now

NAPA, Calif. -- The Raiders had an interesting defensive front four in their first day of practice.

The focal point of the unit was the usage of Richard Seymour as a tackle. Last year, during his first season in Oakland, Seymour played mostly as a defensive end. As a 3-4 defensive lineman in New England, Seymour played both inside and outside.

Seymour said he believes he is a natural inside player, but he said he’d play anywhere the Raiders want him. But let’s put it this way: he didn’t seem upset that he was opening camp on the inside.

Oakland coach Tom Cable indicated that Seymour’s opening-day spot in the inside really doesn’t mean much and that he will likely play both end and tackle during the season.

The other starters on the defensive line Thursday were tackle Tommy Kelly and ends Matt Shaughnessy and second-round pick Lamarr Houston. If these are the starting ends, the Raiders will be very athletic but very young at the position. Shaughnessy started two games as a rookie.

Still, if Houston and Shaughnessy progress well, Seymour could stay in the middle, and, in turn, give Oakland an above-average defensive front.