Nnamdi Asomugha reminds coach of bet

NAPA, Calif. – Don’t ‘accuse Nnamdi Asomugha of being subtle.

As a loud-and-clear reminder to his head coach, Asomugha arrived for Oakland’s opening training camp meeting this week wearing a Los Angeles Lakers’ jersey.

Tom Cable knew what it meant.

Asomugha, Oakland’s star left cornerback, and Cable made a bet early in the NBA playoffs that if the Lakers and Boston Celtics advanced to the NBA Finals the fan of the losing team (Asomugha follows the Lakes and Cable is a lifelong Celtics fan) would treat the entire team to a night of bowling and dinner during training camp. Asomugha and Cable are closing in on setting a date for the night out.

“I had to remind coach of the bet with that jersey,” Asomugha said Friday. “Everybody is excited about it.”

Asomugha said he and Cable talk about the bet and the upcoming event on a daily basis. He said Cable is trying to guilt Asomugha into making some concessions. Cable told his star that he should buy him some bowling shoes. Don’t count on it, coach.

“Give me a break,” Asomugha said.

Asomugha said Cable has handled the situation great.

“This is great for the team,” Asomugha said. “For the head coach to be part of this and for him to take the team out, it will only make us closer.”