Ex-Bronco admits to playing 'high' in 2007

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

There is a must-read story in the Colorado Springs Gazette on the intriguing tale of former Denver standout left tackle Matt Lepsis.

Lepsis admitted in the story that he had a daily drug habit last season. He told the paper he was "high" for the first six games of the 2007 season. He played in all six games. Yes, Lepsis admitted to being under the influence of recreational drugs during NFL games.

That is sure to get the attention of 280 Park Avenue.

The Lepsis tale is interesting and inspiring. He retired after the 2007 season and he is pursuing a life in the ministry.

But the underlying message here is that an NFL player was using drugs on the field. If one did, how many others did or still do? I've long heard rumors that veteran players aren't overly worried about the NFL drug testing program. Lepsis surely wasn't.

For players who are not already in the drug program, testing is rare and is usually conducted in the offseason. So, players may not be worried about using in the season.

Perhaps stories like this will cause the NFL to change its testing procedures.