Houston deal will interest Vincent Jackson

You have to believe San Diego holdout receiver Vincent Jackson is paying attention to the new extension signed by Houston receiver Andre Johnson. The extension tacked on two more seasons worth $23.5 million extension with $13 million guaranteed. Jackson’s camp has wanted a deal north of the five-year, $50 million deal Miami gave Brandon Marshall.

Expect Jackson’s camp to reevaluate after the Johnson deal. The market is what it is, and if it changes, Jackson’s camp could change its desires as well. Jackson’s camp believes he’s perhaps the most dangerous receiver in the NFL, and they want him paid accordingly.

Jackson is currently holding out, and he will likely hold out well into the season if he doesn’t get an extension. The Chargers have no plans to give Jackson a new deal.

San Diego has no plans of trading Jackson, at this point, either. But there has been, and will continue to be, interest. According to a league source, Washington remains extremely interested in Jackson. Seattle also has had interest.