Jackson for Revis? Not likely

I have received many letters from fans wondering if there was a possibility the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets could get together in a trade involving two of the highest profile holdouts in the NFL: Darrelle Revis and Vincent Jackson.

Granted, it's interesting. Both players appear committed to holding out for the long term. The Jets could use a receiver like Jackson and who couldn’t use a cornerback like Revis? Plus, the two players share an agent. So, the logistics of the trade would be fairly easy.

Still, don’t count on it. I talked to someone in the players’ camp about the possibility Tuesday. It was met with amusement and the notion was termed “creative.” Still, the thinking is the Jets are done spending money right now and so; they wouldn’t be open to giving Jackson, the large contract he wants.

Plus, because Revis is so valued, the Chargers would likely have to sweeten the pot to make it happen, which likely won’t happen. Right now, the expectation is that both players are going to stay away from the team unless there are new contracts coming from the Chargers and Jets, which doesn’t appear likely.

Jackson’s current plan is stay away from the team for the entire season. However, that is a fluid situation and he could return after 10 games to accrue a full season. The bottom line is Jackson’s situation in San Diego is very sticky.

And it doesn’t seem like it will be solved by him being traded for Revis. Still, kudos to the readers who suggested it. Way to keep thinking.