You pick it responses

We had a runaway winner in our “you pick it” feature this week.

The easy winner was Denver losing star linebacker Elvis Dumervil for likely the season with a torn pectoral muscle. Dumervil led the NFL with 17 sacks last season. The other candidates were Kansas City putting veteran Thomas Jones ahead of young star Jamaal Charles on the depth chart and Denver signing veteran running back LenDale White.

Jones and Charles will both get plenty of touches and White will have to fight to make the team. The Dumervil injury was major news. This was a slam-dunk choice. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Bulldog from Arlington Heights, Ill.: As a die-hard Chiefs fan, I think the real story is Elvis (Baby) and the running back situation in Denver. It seems to me that the new staff in Denver is trying to injure themselves out of a job or jobs. When you lose four running backs in practice before the first preseason game, something is wrong, I don't care who the coach is, he is doing something wrong, or the players are not committed to doing what needs to be done. If this was happening to the Chiefs, I would be the first one calling for Haley's head.

Pete from Honolulu, Hawaii: I'm going with Jones ahead of Charles in the Chief's backfield. I mean, really??? I know they will both probably get plenty of run, and that you would like to limit Charles to 20 total touches a game to keep him at his game-breaking best, but come on, he's almost a decade younger, infinitely faster, and he was THE MAN for this offense the 2nd half of last year... Why try to mess with his ego/pride by demoting him this year? I know they all say "it doesn't matter who starts, just who's in there when it counts", but come on, we all know that's just a line. Give the ball to Charles, who is the best chance the Chiefs have for a pro bowler of offense this year, and who's gonna be THE GUY for the next 4-7 years, and do it to start the game.

Cody from Fort Collins, Colo.: The Broncos stories have to be it. It is really disheartening as a Broncos fan to see Doom get his deal and then be finished for the season in theory. That is huge, specifically because 2 first round picks haven't panned out (yet) in Ayers and Moss. That rush off the edge will be missed by this defense. Then, speaking of Moss, who has missed time now because of injury, as well as White coming back to Denver. Unfortunately, injuries have been the story from Broncos camp this year. Let's hope none will be serious or reoccurring.

Travis from Witchita, Kan.: The story of the week should be Dumervil's injury. To lose the league sack leader for potentially the entire season, does a serious disservice to your defense. Dumervil's injury is made even more important when considered in context with the rest of the Broncos injuries. He is just one injured Bronco on a long list. If the team doesn't find a way to avoid the injury bug, then they may usurp the Chiefs and Raiders at the bottom of the AFC West.

John from Castle Rock, Colo.: It has to be Dumervil's injury. LenDale White signing with Denver is marginally important given that Moreno will likely be playing by the beginning of the regular season. As for KC, the depth chart doesn't matter. What matters is who gets most of the carries, and if Jamaal Charles doesn't get the vast majority of the carries, I would be absolutely shocked.Anyway, Dumervil's injury is going to really hurt Denver's defense. Denver has a very good secondary, but without a pass rush, even the best secondary will let receivers get open. Dumervil was their only legitimate pass rusher. Ayers and Moss can't do it. Jamal Williams was always more of a run stuffer than a pass rusher, and I don't see him making it through the whole season healthy. Denver's defense has really taken a turn for the worse, and that means their question marks on offense won't be able to rely on a solid defense to win games.

Steve from Edmonton: Biggest story of the week is without a doubt the loss of Dumervil. You don't just lose arguably the leagues best pass rusher last season and hope to mimic the same success without him.

Gabriel M. from Kansas City: The story has to be Elvis Dumervil's injury. He had a break out year with 17 sacks. Then he received a new huge contract. The worst of it is that the Broncos are lacking in proven talent. Thats why they are desperate picking up free agents.