You pick it: Story of the season

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We're going to do "you pick it" differently this week. We are going to ask for the story of the 2008 season.

There will be one candidate for each AFC West team. The guidelines are easy. Pick your top story and hit my mailbag and let me know your thoughts. I will post some of your responses later in the week.

Here are the candidates:

Denver: The firing. Denver owner Pat Bowlen shocked the NFL on Tuesday by firing Mike Shanahan after he spent 14 years as head coach. Shanahan was 24-24 in the past three seasons and the Broncos lost a three-game lead in the AFC West with three games to go this season. It tied the mark for the greatest collapse in NFL history. The collapse was completed Sunday night in San Diego in a winner-takes-all game, which San Diego won, 52-21.

Kansas City: End of an era. Carl Peterson is no longer with the organization after 20 years with the Chiefs. With Peterson out, the team is in the process of looking for a new general manager and coach Herm Edwards could be on the way out as well.

Oakland: Dumping DeAngelo: The Raiders unexpectedly cut starting cornerback DeAngelo Hall after only eight games. He was acquired from Atlanta in the offseason and given a huge contract. In the end, Hall played half a season in Oakland and it cost the Raiders second- and fifth-round draft picks and $8 million.

San Diego: The comeback: The Chargers were the beneficiaries of the Denver collapse. They became the first 8-8 division winner in 23 years and the first 4-8 team to advance to the playoffs.