AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

Shane from Minneapolis: Bill Cowher to Denver?
Bill Williamson: I don't think that is the direction the team is thinking about going at this point. I don't think the team wants to pay what it would take to get Cowher and I also don't think the team wants another czar type. I hear Denver owner Pat Bowlen is excited about getting his hands on a good, young coach who can energize his program.

Taylor from Tucson: Could you see a situation where Mike Shanahan moves into Kansas City. I mean, you've been saying Herm is probably on his way out. Do you think Shanahan would go coach his third AFC West team?
BW: Sure, why not? If the Chiefs handed over the keys to Shanahan I could see it. I think he'd enjoy staying in the AFC West. But the Chiefs are a ways from competing so Shanahan could look elsewhere first.

Big J from sactown: Hey Bill, great work on these afc west chats. With the regular season over and my Chiefs getting rid of the "King" two weeks ago, why has Clark Hunt not gotten permission to speak with Pioli? Shouldn't they make this as quick as possible so we can figure who the coach is gonna be and move on. After a 2-14 season, we got a lotta work to do!
BW: Have patience, Big J. I hear Clark Hunt is working diligently on this matter.

Brian from San Diego: Hey Bill, keep up the great work! I was wondering what you've thought of the some of the younger players on the Raiders. Almost all of the skill positions on offense these past couple of weeks have been played by guys in their first and second year. Two Raider rookies have impressed me, namely Trevor Scott and Chaz Schilens, and Scott is tied for the most sacks among rookies. Johnnie Lee Higgins has also seemingly come out of nowhere this season. Should I be hopeful for the future?
BW: I think the Raiders have some really nice pieces. The three players you mentioned are very exciting as well as the young running backs. There are some need pieces on this team, there's no doubt about it.

Allison from parts unknown: Bill, I haven't heard one person mention Ted Sundquist as a possible replacement for Carl Peterson. What do you think the possibilities are of this happening? He was an excellent GM for the Bronco's, was he not? I can't imagine he isn't in the mix for several teams opening GM spots. Have a great time in San Diego.. should be a wild one!
BW: Yes, Allison, I do think Ted Sundquist in on Kansas City's radar. I'm not sure if he is high on the list, but Sundquist's name has come up in Kansas City form what I heard. Sundquist is a very intriguing personnel man. He'll get some looks.