Unachieved goals: AFC West style

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Some AFC West players made some bold goals for themselves this year. Now that the regular season is over, let's look at each player and their goals and see how they fared. Here's a hint: They weren't close.

San Diego cornerback Antonio Cromartie
15 interceptions
2008 Interceptions:
2 interceptions
Missed by:
13 interceptions
Why it didn't work:
Cromartie missed the pass rushing presence of Shawne Merriman. Cromartie didn't have an interception in the final 13 games. He had 10 interceptions in 2007 but he was nowhere near the ball hawk he was a season ago.

Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall
140 receptions
2008 receptions:
104 receptions
Missed by:
36 receptions.
Why it didn't work:
Marshall had a great season. He finished third in the NFL in receptions and he missed a game. His only problem was his goal was too high.

Denver running back Selvin Young
2,000 rushing yards
2008 Rushing yards:
303 yards
Missed by:
1,697 yards
Why it didn't work:
Young was out about half the season with injuries. His other problem is he is a role player. He had no shot at his very public goal.