AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Evan from Cleveland: What are the odds of Shannahan coming to Cleveland?

BW: If Shanahan wants to coach this year, the Browns could get in on him. It's been reported Cleveland wants to talk to him. There are some intriguing aspects to that job, including the power it would supply and the chance of working with quarterback Brady Quinn, that could appeal to Shanahan.

Clint G. from Midland, TX: Bill, first let me say that you do a wonderful job covering all things AFC West! I have one question. In one of your more recent posts you say that Raheem Morris of TB could be a good fit in Denver and that they could keep offensive assistants on, such as Bates, to keep the offense moving. Other than the Raiders recent lack of success, why is Al Davis generally criticized for similar practices in Oakland? Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work!

BW: Thanks for the kind words, Clint. Excellent question. If a coach such Morris is brought in, the team may want to keep Bates because Morris doesn't have an offensive background. Also, Morris is young at 32 and he doesn't have a huge network of coaches he's worked with. So he may not have an experienced offensive coordinator to bring with him. But foremost, Denver quarterback Jay Cutler needs continuity. He will miss Shanahan. If Cutler loses both Shanahan and Bates he could take a step back. Keeping Bates may be necessary to keep the offensive flow in this time of transition.

Michael Green from S. Carolina: Hey Bill!I was wondering if the Broncos were considering Baltimore Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan for the Head Coaching Position?Do you think Elway would come to Denver to work in the front office?Will the Offensive Coaching Staff remain in place?

BW: Sure, I could see it. Denver is open to defensive coaches and Ryan is a hot name. He could be on the team's list.

Steve from Queens, New York: Bill, love your blog. keep up the good work. I'm a frustrated Chief fan. They seem to have done a good job in last year's draft, although they need a defensive coach that knows how to use Dorsey. Now we have the #3 pick this year. But what the heck is going on with the GM search and possible Coach change. I like Herm as a man, but I'm not sure if he is the coach for the Chiefs. Any info you could supply would help us Chief fans. Is Shanahan an option? Steve

BW: The coaching search will be decided after the general manager is hired. Yes, it is going fairly slow. The Chiefs would like to hire New England's Scott Pioli. If he isn't hired, watch for the general manager search to speed up. I know many potential candidates are on the Chiefs' radar.

Bryce, Olympia WA: I was curious to know your thoughts on the possibility of Marty Schottenheimer coaching the Broncos? I have heard his name potentially for other coaching jobs but what about Denver?

BW: It's intriguing, but right now Denver is focusing on younger NFL assistant coaches and college coaches.

Jeff from Lafayette, LA: Now that Coach Shanahan has been fired, what of his running back coach Bobby Turner? I saw he was considered for a coaching position at Miami last year, but he seems much to valuable to let go.

BW: The Broncos assistant coaches are on hold during this time of transition. I have a feeling Turner will go elsewhere. If Mike Shanahan gets another job this season, watch for Turner to go with him. Shanahan and Turner have been very successful together.