Eric Berry signs and delivers

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- If Kansas City Chiefs fans went to training camp this year and didn’t come away with Eric Berry's autograph, it wasn’t his fault.

He was signing. Every day and every request.

Berry told a story during that draft that he was once stiffed by Deion Sanders when he requested an autograph as a child. Berry then vowed if he was ever in the position to sign autographs, he’d never turn down anyone.

As the Chiefs’ No. 1 pick, Berry’s autograph is a hot ticket. It should get even hotter. In between signing autographs, Berry has been a star of Kansas City’s camp.

The No. 5 overall pick has been as good as advertised. He is a smart, instinctual player who is always around the ball. The Tennessee product is already showing strong leadership skills. While it is early, the Chiefs look to possess one of the game’s brightest young safeties.

He is expected to make an immediate impact.

However, Berry is also humble. He appreciates all things that are said about him, but he is not taking anything for granted.

“I never want to say I’m comfortable,” Berry said. “I’d say I’m adjusting well …. I’ve really enjoyed being around this environment. It’s all football. Everything is football.”

Berry said a key is listening to his coaches. He has so far and he is glad he does. Berry said Wednesday that Chiefs coach Todd Haley warned him the NFL game is much faster than training camp before Friday’s preseason opener in Atlanta. He noticed it right away.

“The first couple of plays were really fast,” Berry said. “You can tell it is a different level.”

Still, the speed of the game was not too much for Berry. He made the tackle on the opening kickoff.

Whether it’s on the field with his teammates or after practice with the fans, Berry seems to be at the top of his game.