Around the AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


The Broncos want more scoring for their yardage buck.

My take: Yes, the Broncos didn't score nearly as many points as they should have considering the yards they ate up. That has been a problem in recent years. That may lend to the theory Denver will hire an offensive-minded coach such as New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The problem is, Denver's defense is even a bigger mess. If McDaniels comes to Denver, he needs to find himself a good defensive coordinator.

Kansas City

One columnist believes the Chiefs' open general manager's job is the best in the NFL.

My take: It is right up with the best. There is plenty of room for growth here and it is a job many personnel folks want. This is a job in which someone can turn into a long-term position in Kansas City. There's plenty to like here, beginning with ownership, fan support and the youth on the team. Meanwhile, it is being reported the Chiefs are eying a front-office type from Tampa Bay.


The Raiders are downplaying the Kevin Gilbride interview.

My take: This is the time of year to be secretive and the Raiders are kings of secret. Don't expect the Raiders to be forthright about their coaching search until they make an announcement of the hire. That's understandable. There is a lot of jockeying around the league for coaches. If the Raiders want to keep their plans secret that's their business, but don't put too much stock in denials this time of year.

San Diego

The Chargers are preparing to be without LaDainian Tomlinson on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

My take: It will be an upset at this point if Tomlinson can play because of a groin injury. But expect him to try to play on game day, like he did Saturday night against the Colts. If Tomlinson can help the Chargers even on a limited basis, he will be given the chance. But right now that looks like a stretch.