Brian Dawkins is against 18-game season

Brian Dawkins has long been one of the most respected players in the NFL. He has been involved the NFL Players’ Association and his words carry weight.

So people should listen when Dawkins publicly comes out against an 18-game season. He shared his stance in an interview with a Denver radio station and didn’t mince words when asked if he liked the idea:

"Not even a little bit,” Dawkins said. “From a dollars and cents, I guess for some people that would make sense. But from a physical, longevity, the way the season is right now, I’m not talking about me right now at 36, I’m talking about me at 29, 28, I know how I felt going into the postseason, licking my wounds, so to speak. … If we have only two preseason games, guess who’s going to have to play more in those two preseason games? The starters. So you’re basically playing a 19-game schedule. … On top of that, those free agent guys who usually get those good looks in the last two preseason games, aren’t going to get those looks.”

For what it is worth, I agree with Dawkins. I don’t like the idea of an 18-game schedule. But whether we like it, it’s likely coming. But if more established players like Dawkins speak up, it could at least, create it an uncomfortable situation for the league during this cash-grab process.

Meanwhile, in other AFC West developments on Friday afternoon, the Broncos still haven’t decided whether to put Pro Bowl linebacker Elvis Dumervil on the injured reserve or to keep him on the 53-man roster with hopes he can help in December. Dumervil suffered a torn pectoral muscle this month.

Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli discusses his team’s development in a radio interview.

An ESPN.com columnist believes Denver left tackle Ryan Clady is one of the most important players to his team’s chances. Clady returned to practice this week after missing four months with a surgically-repaired knee. He was injured while playing pickup basketball.