On the bubble

Teams must trim their rosters to 53 players by Saturday afternoon. The following is a look at one prominent player on each AFC West team who is on the bubble:

Denver: Brandon Stokley, receiver

Why: Matt Willis came through with five catches for 122 yards in the preseason finale at Minnesota on Thursday night, extending his productive preseason. The Broncos might want to go with youth for a backup spot. Stokley, 34, has been a good Bronco for the past three seasons, but his time there may be up.

Kansas City: Alex Magee, defensive lineman

Why: Magee’s case is interesting because he was a third-round pick last year. He has not played well and he has made several mistakes. The only things that may save Magee are his youth and the fact that the Chiefs don’t have a great line. He could get more time to develop.

Oakland: John Henderson, defensive tackle

Why: The speculation in Oakland is that Henderson is on the bubble. I think he will be kept because he can help stop the run for 20-25 plays a game. But it seems clear Henderson, if he makes the team, will not be anything more than a role player.

San Diego: Josh Reed, receiver

Why: Reed was signed this summer to provide veteran depth. He hasn’t been special in training camp and the preseason. San Diego could opt for youth over Reed. Also, don’t be surprised if the Chargers scour the waiver wire for veteran depth at the position in the next few days.