Cable acts as if Bush will play

If Tom Cable can be believed (and what NFL coach can be trusted about injuries these days?), Michael Bush may have a chance to play Sunday in Oakland’s season opener at Tennessee.

Bush broke his left thumb against San Francisco on Aug. 28. A return to the field Sunday would be fast, but perhaps Bush will be able to play in some role. The Oakland Tribune reported that he departed the field Wednesday morning after a walk through practice with a small bandage and splint on his thumb. Thus, he is showing improvements. Still, Bush will have to prove he can hold onto the ball and block and catch effectively before getting the green light to play.

But according to the Oakland Tribune, Cable acted as if Bush will be available to play when speaking to the Tennessee media on Wednesday.

“First of all, I didn’t know Michael Bush was out. But if Darren (McFadden) is playing, we have high expectations for him as well as Mike.”

Cable then added, “I think we’ve got two good running backs. I expect good things from both guys, they both can run and catch and block. I think they give us something—both of them.”

It sounds promising, but injury gamesmanship has become a big part of the NFL week. So, we probably won’t know for certain if Bush is going to play or not until Sunday prior to the game.

Meanwhile, Oakland cut tackle Erik Pears to make room for defensive lineman Jay Alford. Pears’ departure weakens an already thin line.