Edwards still has a pulse in Kansas City

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

It's very possible that Michael Smith's ESPN.com report that the Chiefs could retain Herm Edwards is true. Yes, it doesn't make sense according to conventional wisdom. But there have been indications coming out of Kansas City in the past 24 hours that many think Edwards will, at least, be considered by new general manager Scott Pioli.

The team's ownership would like the current coaches at Pioli's press conference which starts at 6 ET. Also, Pioli is expected to meet with coach Thursday.

It seems he will at least consider keeping Edwards. The word from Kansas City during this entire process is that owner Clark Hunt likes Edwards and wants to keep him. The change was all about replacing general manager Carl Peterson and not about the coaches.

However, a general manager with the credentials of Pioli could have a difficult time agreeing to come to a new team with the existing coach, especially one that is coming off a 2-14 season. Still, the fact that Edwards is still in Kansas City means Pioli is at least open to talking.

Yes, it still may be long shot that Edwards returns. But he hasn't been fired yet so his chances of returning, despite the long odds, are still in play.