Pros and cons of keeping Edwards

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

With new Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli considering whether to retain coach Herm Edwards, here are some pros and cons that Pioli may be pondering as he works toward making his decision:


The rebuilding program has already begun: The Chiefs have some decent young players and Edwards is well respected by much of the roster. Many around the league think the Chiefs' issues were all because of youth and not Edwards' inability to coach.

Ownership likes him: Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is said to be a big fan of Edwards. Edwards is universally liked in Kansas City and around the league. He is considered a bright light for the league. The final decision is Pioli's, but many people are rooting for Edwards to stick around.

Stability: There was a belief around the organization that the biggest issue was general manager Carl Peterson and that was the only change that was necessary. Many around the league believe Pioli and Edwards could form a winning partnership.


It could stall the franchise: If the Chiefs, who were 2-14 in 2008, have another bad season, many will wonder why Edwards was kept around and it could stall Pioli's program. Pioli won't want to fire Edwards next year and waste his first season in Kansas City.

Fan support: The Chiefs had many empty seats at Arrowhead Stadium in the final month of the season. The firing of Peterson and hiring of Pioli helped with fan support but many fans may want the team to complexly divorce itsself form the leadership of the 2008 season.

Bringing in his own guy: Most general managers hire their own coach when they go to a new team. Pioli, who was highly sought after, probably has his own lists of candidates. He may be tempted to bring in his own coach to Kansas City.